Update to Services Due to COVID-19

The site at St John’s Therapy Centre will be staffed during usual business hours.

However, face-to-face contact will be extremely limited.

Ongoing keywork and psychology sessions will be via telephone or video call.

All groups have paused and we are looking to set up on-line groups in the coming weeks.

New assessments will be offered via telephone.

Services will be prioritising three essential elements of treatment:

•             Opiate substitution therapy (methadone and buprenorphine prescribing)

•             Needle Exchange

•             Treatment of alcohol and GBL dependence


We are aware that reduced face-to-face contact will cause anxiety for our service users.

Our aim is to offer continuity where possible whilst protecting both service users and staff. 

Please contact WCDAS by email WCDAS-referrals@slam.nhs.uk or 0208 812 4120 or 0203 228 8080.

A Map showing the locations of St John’s Therapy Centre in Battersea  can be found by clicking the link.



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